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 Joseph Horowitz
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And the Vexed Fate of Black Classical Music

The Music of Arthur Farwell
A new Naxos CD produced by Joseph Horowitz for PostClassical Ensemble

Featuring the world premiere recording of the “Hako” Quartet

The Indianist movement that Farwell (1872-1952) spearheaded was mainly kitsch. But his fearlessly astringent Navajo War Dance No. 2 (1904) is the closest music to an American Bartok. In the hidden world of Arthur Farwell, Navajo War Dance No. 2 is relatively known. But his biggest Indianist composition, the Hako String Quartet of 1923, is certainly not. It builds skillfully to an enraptured close, marked “with breadth and exaltation.” It is Arthur Farwell's rapture that is here “authentic.” And yet Farwell remains “America's Forbidden Composer,” off limits partly because of fear — of castigation by a neighbor.